Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 7 File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table contains keyboard shortcuts for working with File Explorer windows or folders.

You can select text by clicking and holding the mouse

Press this key  To do this

Alt+D   Select the address bar

Ctrl+E   Select the search box

Ctrl+F   Select the search box

Ctrl+N   Open a new window

Ctrl+W   Close the current window

Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel   Change the size and appearance of file and folder icons

Ctrl+Shift+E   Display all folders above the selected folder

Ctrl+Shift+N   Create a new folder

Num Lock+asterisk (*)   Display all subfolders under the selected folder

Num Lock+plus (+)   Display the contents of the selected folder

Num Lock+minus (-)   Collapse the selected folder

Alt+P   Display the preview pane

Alt+Enter   Open the Properties dialog box for the selected item

Alt+Right arrow   View the next folder

Alt+Up arrow   View the folder that the folder was in

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