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Office 2010 Migration Guides

    Windows/Office Terms
  • taskbar   Located at the bottom of the desktop
  • Windows desktop   Working area of Windows
  • Mouse and Pointer Terms
      1. Pointer
        • Selection pointer: Select text or an object
        • Move pointer: Move text or an object
        • Copy pointer: Copy text or an object
        • Resize pointer: Resize objects
        • Crosshair: Draw a shape
      2. Insertion point   Vertical flashing line where text is inserted; click the left mouse button
      3. Click   Click the left mouse button; select object or place insertion point in selected location
      4. Double-click   Click the left mouse button twice; used to select text
      5. Right-click   Click the right mouse button; used to display the context menu and mini toolbar
      6. Scroll   Use scroll wheel to scroll up and down through file.
  • Ribbon   Displays the features available to use on files; a collection of tabs
  • Tab   Contains a group of features;   some are always present (File, Home); some are context sensitive
  • Group   Group of related features; either Button, Drop-Down list or Gallery
  • Button   Applies feature to selected text or object; click a button to apply; Bold
  • Drop-Down list   Display options available for a feature; includes split buttons (Merge & Center)
  • Gallery   Collection of Option buttons; includes a More button to display all options
  • Dialog box   new window opens to display additional features; each has a different Title
  • Task pane   opens in left or right of application; Clipboard pane available in all Office applications
  • Radio Button   Round button used to select one option for a list
  • Check Box   Can select one or more options
  • Text Box   Area you can type in
  • Quick Access Toolbar &nbps; located above Ribbon on upper left of Office window; typically Save, Undo, Redo, Open
  • Context Menu   Displayed when right-click text, cell or object; vertical menu listing variety of options
  • Mini Toolbar   Display when right-click text, cell or object

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